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Alzheimer's ActivitiesDancing Hands taps are created to be used recreationally and creatively in a relaxed atmosphere. There is no right or wrong way to use them. You can adapt the activities as you go. The 17 sessions in the book bring the history of the days of Broadway, the circus, hobos, and beginnings of entertainment in America. Music of the twenties and songs with different styles of rhythm are contained on two CDs. There is also a large selection of rhythm and dance steps that includes the Waltz, Boogie Woogie, the Rumba, and the Tango.
Young folks can jam to the music and also learn the history of tapdancing.

Dancing Hands stimulates the senses, stirs creativity, and exercises the memory.

All proceeds from Dancing Hands are used to promote the use of the arts in healthcare.


The Magic Behind the Making

Hillcroft Services Muncie
Hand taps are made one by one with a personal touch. After they are assembled by hand, they are packaged into either boxes of 6 pairs or One-on-One sets. The true magic of these hand taps lies in their creators, rather than just the creations.

Hillcroft Services Cannon Industries of Hillcroft Services in Muncie, Indiana manufactures Dancing Hands hand taps and employs the disabled. Kent Wood is one of the employees who works hard to make quality hand taps. “Woody” likes to talk about the hand taps. He calls them “Happy Hands”. Occasionally, during some “quality testing”, Woody taps out a playful rhythm.

Dancing Hands can be used by anyone

Older folks remember back to the times when they were young as they socialize with rhythm and people of all ages can enjoy the music and activity.

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